About Monica Green Arizona

Monica Green Arizona

An accomplished professor of history, Monica Green, Ph.D., was recently elected to the position of fellow with the Medieval Academy of America. She is also an advisory board member of the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies and active member of the American Association for the History of Medicine. Monica Green’s recent contributions to her field include founding MEDMED-L, a forum for scholars dedicated to the study of medieval medicine. The forum currently maintains over 500 members located in 20 countries.

Monica Green has taught graduate and undergraduate students as a professor of history at Arizona State University since 2001. Previously, she served as a visiting professor at Utrecht University, an assistant and associate professor at Duke University, and a visiting fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. As a researcher and author, she has published numerous scholarly works, including her book The Trotula: A Medieval Compendium of Women’s Medicine (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2001).

With a doctorate in the history of science from Princeton University, Monica Green completed a postdoctoral fellowship at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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